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Leroy Ware
Nov 18, 2019 11:00:00 PM

A New Way to Hire Fulltime Engineers

We’re excited to announce that the Knack for Hiring Managers mobile app is now available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Knack makes it easy for hiring managers to submit requests for engineers and other tech workers directly from their mobile device. Our amazing recruiting team is one of the most knowledgeable in the industry, and we’ve empowered them with some amazing tools that allow them to move faster than anything you’ve ever seen.

Knack attempts to solve many issues plaguing the technical staffing industry, including:

  • Excessive communication (email, phone, text) between hiring manager and recruiter.
  • Excessive communication (email, phone, text) between recruiter and candidate.
  • Lack of rigorous vetting of candidates before submitting them to hiring managers.
  • Low quality applicant tracking software (ATS) that fails to empower recruiters.

If you are a hiring manager who hires engineers and other tech workers on a permanent, direct-hire basis, you now have access to the best talent in the US directly from your mobile device.

Install Knack

To install Knack for Hiring Managers, head over to Google Play or the Apple App Store. After installing the app, you can login with LinkedIn (or optionally with Apple on iOS) and you will then be prompted for a few additional details such as your company, title, phone number, and business email. Installation takes less than a minute. After you install the app, we will reach out to you to set up a quick welcome call to make sure we understand your needs and environment.


Request Talent

Once you’re logged in, creating your first hiring request is easy. Tap the + and you will enter our New Request mobile wizard where you’ll enter title, skills, minimum education, salary range, and other important data points. You will also be prompted to paste in your textual job description, which Knack will analyze for skills. Once you create your request, it will show a yellow indicator until it is accepted by our recruiting team. Currently, we only accept requests for permanent roles. We will be adding support for contract and contract-to-hire roles soon.


Review Candidates

Once our recruiting team has accepted your request (usually within a matter of minutes or hours), you will start receiving candidate submissions. Each time we submit a candidate for your request, you will receive a push notification. Tap the notification or simply re-launch the app to review the candidate profile and resume. If you have any questions, you can message your Knack recruiter from within the app. Declining candidates or requesting interviews is as simple as tapping a thumbs up or down on the candidate profile screen.


Request Interviews

If you like a candidate and would like to schedule an interview, simply tap the thumbs up on the candidate’s profile and then select “I would like to interview this candidate.” Then specify the type of interview (phone, video, or onsite), provide two dates and time windows you are available and a couple other details. After creating your interview request, the candidate will be emailed an Interview Request and can confirm a time that works with your availability. Once confirmed, you will receive an Interview Confirmation email with an “Add to Calendar” button to keep your calendar in sync with your Knack interview schedule.


Interview Candidates

From the Interview Details screen, you can easily get to the candidate’s phone number, profile, and resume.


Decline Candidates

If you want to pass on a candidate, simply tap the thumbs down and provide a reason for declining. Your feedback will be emailed to the candidate and the submission will be moved to the “Closed” state.


Make Offers

After the candidate makes it through your interview process and you feel confident you’ve found “the one”, simply tap thumbs up on the candidate profile and choose “I want to hire this candidate” to make an offer. The offer you make through Knack is a non-binding “soft offer” that will be followed by your own detailed offer outside of Knack.


Your Knack Recruiter

When you submit a request, the request will be assigned to one of our super-knowledgeable recruiters. Communicating with your Knack Recruiter is easy and can be done from within the app. Each time you submit a request, Knack will initiate a chat thread within the app with the recruiter assigned to your request. No more emails, phone calls, or texts with recruiters. Your recruiter is always available for other modes of communication, but will respect your time and avoid reaching out to you outside of Knack unless requested by you.


Let’s Go!

A new era in technical staffing has arrived. Install Knack today and let us help you build your dream team.

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